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1828 unpublished poem, “Daybreak”

1831 Review, “The Present State of Australia” ”by Robert Dawson, Monthly Repository, V, 58-59.

1832 unpublished essays on marriage
unpublished essay on importance of tolerance
poem, “The Snow Drop,” Monthly Repository, VI, 266.
Review, “Tour of German Prince,” by a German Prince, Monthly Repository, VI, 353-54.
Review, “Domestic Manners of the Americans,” by Mrs. Trollipe, Monthly Repository, VI, 401-6.
Review, “Hampden,” by Lord Nugent, Monthly Repository, VI, 443-50.
Review, “Mirabeau’s Letters,” Monthly Repository, VI, 604-8.
poem, “To the Summer Wind, ” Monthly Repository, VI, 617.
poem, “Nature,” Monthly Repository, VI, 636.
Review, “The Mysticism of Plato, or Sincerity rested upon Reality” by Hunter, Monthly
Repository, VI, 645-6.
Review, “The French Revolution of 1830,” by Sarrans, Monthly Repository, VI, 756-62.
article, “The Seasons,” Monthly Repository, VI, 825-28.

1833 article, “Life of William Caxton,” Lives of Eminent Persons, Library of Useful Knowledge,
London:Baldwin & Cradock, Paternoster-Row, 1833, 1-32.

1846 newspaper article, “The Acquittal of Captain Johnstone” (CW 303), Morning Chronicle, 10 Feb.
newspaper article, “Dr. Ellis’s Conviction” (CW 305), Morning Chronicle, 13 June
newspaper article, “The Case of Private Matthewson” (CW 307), Morning Chronicle, 6 Oct.
*newspaper article, “The Suicide of Sarah Brown” (CW 318), Morning Chronicle, 28 Oct.
newspaper article, “The Case of William Burn” (CW 329), Morning Chronicle, 17 Nov.
*newspaper article, “The Case of the North Family” (CW 350), Morning Chronicle, 29 Dec.

1847 ??unpublished newspaper article, “Enlightened Infidelity” (CW 367)

1847-50 unpublished essays on women’s rights

1849 *newspaper article, “Corporal Punishment” (CW 383), Daily News, 14 July

1850 *newspaper article, “The Case of Mary Ann Parsons [1]” (CW 389), Daily News, 5 Feb.
*newspaper article, “The Case of Anne Bird” (CW 390), Morning Chronicle, 13 Mar.
*newspaper article, “The Case of Mary Ann Parsons [2]” (CW 392), Morning Chronicle, 26 Mar.
*newspaper article, “The Case of Susan Moir” (CW 393), Morning Chronicle, 29 Mar.
newspaper article, “Questionable Chariety” (CW 394), Sunday Times, 19 May
*newspaper article, “The Law of Assault” (CW 395), Morning Chronicle, 31 May
*newspaper article, “Punishment of children (CW 396), Sunday Times, 2 June

1851 *newspaper article, “Wife Murder” (CW 400), Morning Chronicle, 28 Aug.
article, “Enfranchisement of Women,” Westminster Review, July 1851.

1853 pamphlet, “Remarks on Mr. Fitzroy’s Bill for the More Effectual Prevention of Assaults on Women
and Children”

“On the Futurity of the Working Classes” in Principles of Political Economy