Family Tree

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HTM's MOther HTM’s mother

HTM's father

HTM’s father

HTM's brother, Arthur Hardy

HTM’s brother, Arthur Hardy

HTM's sister, Caroline

HTM’s sister, Caroline

HTM's first husband, John Taylor

HTM’s first husband, John Taylor

HTM's son, Herbert

HTM’s son, Herbert

HTM's son, Algernon (Haji)

HTM’s son, Algernon (Haji)

HTM's daughter, Helen

HTM’s daughter, Helen

HTM's second husband, John Stuart Mill

HTM’s second husband, John Stuart Mill


1 thought on “Family Tree

  1. Stephen and Jane Gow

    My wife Jane is the GG granddaughter of Harriet’s brother Alfred Hardy and as a result this branch of the family is in Australia. I have recently been undertaking a lot of research about the family and so am fascinated to discover your website. We are visiting London in April / May 2016 if it was possible to meet, also hoping to visit Birks Gate. Would be delighted to hear from you. Stephen and Jane Gow.



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